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Oct 22, 2009
Wilm. NC
Not sure if this is a common problem or not. I bought a New Vaquero .357 about 3 months ago and from time to time the hammer would not travel all the way back to the cocked position. I would mess with it a few times and then have no problems for a while. After experimenting with it I have determined that it only hangs up when being cocked slowly. Vigorous action on the hammer never causes a problem. Everything else seems to work as I expected.
Is this characteristic for this gun and if not what should I look at first?
I wasn't sure if I should post this here or in "Smithing".
Thanks for any guidance you can give

Mtn Biker

Nov 7, 2009
NW New Mexico
Next time it happens, push in on the cylinder base pin and see if the problem goes away. My new Vaquero has had a problem with the base pin coming loose and jumping out of its latch under recoil. If the base pin moves forward the transfer bar under the hammer will catch the firing pin when bringing the hammer rearward.
I have a Belt Mountain base pin ordered for mine hoping it will latch tighter.


Driftwood Johnson

Sep 25, 2007
Land of the Pilgrims

If hammer is going almost all the way back, but never quite cocks, your hand (pawl) is probably just a tad too long. Do check to make sure the cylinder base pin is in all the way. But a hammer that goes almost all the way back, but will not quite make it all the way is usually indicative of a hand that is just a teeny bit too long. When the cylinder locks into position, the hand then jams against the ratchet teeth at the rear of the cylinder. Since the hand pivots on the hammer, when it jams in place it prevents the hammer from going back any farther. Cocking the hammer vigorously will often allow you to use just a teeny bit of slack in the system to get the hammer to full cock. When you are able to cock the hammer, is there any play in the cylinder at all? Usually with a hand the correct length there will be a tiny amount of rotational movement of the cylinder, even when it is locked up. With a hand that is too long, the cylinder usually locks up so tight there is no rotational slack at all.

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