New SR45 got a workout today!

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SR45 Shooter

Apr 4, 2013
Central California Foothills
Finally got a chance to run a few clips through it (actually about 150 rounds) and I'm impressed!
First of all, the SR is very accurate, even more than my tweaked 1911 using the same ammo. It functioned perfectly with all my reloads and put them into 2" at 10 yards offhand! That's great for me! Took a bit of time to get used to the trigger but felt it getting better the more I shot it. I think I've got a keeper! :D

Conn AK

Nov 16, 2010
Yes, I've found the SR45 to be a very accurate pistol right out of the box. About 550-600 rounds and +P, HP, FMJ and reloads with no issues. I had a line on Speer Lawman TMJ 230gr and bought 400 rounds before I bought the 45@ $20 per 50. Glad I did because it is the most accurate (American Eagle, Winchester, PMC) plinking ammo I've used yet. Golden Sabers are dead on at 50 feet. Very happy with the gun but would have liked an all-black model. American Eagle 45acp FMJ 230gr 50 rounds is going for $24.99 @ Hoffman's for Connecticut forum members. Another strong point of the Sr45 is that it is about the size of the SR9 (tad longer and SR40 girth) which means it fits my SR9 holsters snugly. No need to buy any holsters.