New shoulder rig for my 1911- Update

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Nov 23, 2013
Monroe County, MS
Diamond D makes great holsters

Something that you and others may not know. Diamond D Custom Leather also has a presence on Amazon as Diamond D Outdoors. If you want a custom fitted holster you won't find it on their Amazon site. About the only thing they sell on the Amazon site is a "ballistic nylon universal fit" chest rig,

Here's the difference in the products:

Are you the same company as Diamond D™ Custom Leather?
  • YES, we designed the ORIGINAL leather chest holster, The Guides Choice® Chest Holster, with our parent company, Diamond D™ Custom Leather. We have had over 20 years of experience making holsters for Alaskan, by Alaskans, and over that time have perfected the design and usefulness of our products. We started Diamond D™ Outdoors to sell the same style but use a more universal fit of the ballistic coated nylon in order to capture more customer demand in the market. We understand that not everyone is able to or wants to spend the high cost of a custom made leather holster so we wanted to make sure our design, quality, and experience can be shared with everyone at a more affordable price point. By using our years of experience with holsters, guns, and the outdoors we are confident we have created the absolute ULTIMATE chest holster.
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