New Ruger SR1911CMD In The Stable

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Mar 2, 2009
I've had my hands on one or two, and I've shot the full size at the range, but I hadn't made a real effort to own one. That changed Sunday at a local gun show. I was actually looking for another Springfield 1911 when I saw this one in the dealer's display case. I took a very close look, and I really liked what I saw; an all-steel SR1911CMD. It was finished very nicely, and everything fit very nicely. Completed the paperwork, paid for the gun, and headed to my club for some range time. I field stripped it, cleaned the barrel, and lubed it generously with TW25B.

I was very impressed. I fed it surplus GI, match GI hardball, Winchester and REM/UMC bulk, and some of my own reloads. It made no difference. I also used the two original mags, and Chip McCormick, Wilson, Metal Form, and Checkmate; they all fed 100%, and no failures of any kind.

The accuracy was excellent; @ 25 yards and a modified Weaver stance, I managed to get a 4" group with my reloads.

As with most 4.25" inch "Commanders", there is a bit more muzzle flip compared to a 5" model, but the all-steel frame really sucks up the recoil. It has most everything I want, and nothing I don't. I'd like to have a slide with finer serrations, but that's just a personal like, and I may add a wider beaver-tail safety in the future. But, for now I'm going to run a lot of ammo through it.



Mar 26, 2009
Congrats. Mine that I bought in Jan 2013 is still going strong at over 4K rounds through it. Great pistol for the money.