New 'old' Mini-14 folder with some questions

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I recently purchased a Mini-14 with the factory folding stock. Yes, is is a Ruger stock. Unfortunately, it's missing the factory rear sling swivel. I plan on calling Ruger, but rumor has it that there are NO parts available from Ruger for these stocks.
Does anyone know of a stash of take-offs or someone who specializes in Ruger parts other than Ruger?
Also- this swivel is the quick-detach type, stainless, probably 1 1/4 to 1 1/2" loop. I may have to settle for an aftermarket and I'm not finding any in this configuration. They're either nickel or too small.
I also wonder if a third party made these for Ruger in the mid 1980's.

Second question - the rifle came with a BUNCH of mags, including 6 40-round blues heavy steel mags, no roll or stamp marks. There is a sticker on the bottom of each marked "RUGER MINI-14 EXC14".

Does anyone know who makes these mags and if they are any good?
I have looked through the forum archives and don't see any pics of mags quite like these.


Jan 22, 2001
Dawson, Iowa
I would go ahead and give Ruger a call anyway on the stock swivel. That's not a critical part to the action and they will probably have some on hand (who knows...Ruger may be making new Mini's in a folder version anyway for LE or Govt').