New MkIII Hunter has slight muzzle burr

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I fired a new MkIII Hunter for the first time yesterday. Actually, this was my first time shooting in about 11 years! I didn't do too bad, putting my first 10 rounds in a 4" circle at 25m resting, and in a 6" circle standing freehand (two hands). Not very experienced with pistol shooting, so I have a lot to learn about technique. We'll talk more about that later...

The gun is a whole lot of fun to shoot. Last night, I took it apart and cleaned it up good, and oiled sparingly but thoroughly. Geez, I thought it would be well oiled when new, but it really wasn't very well oiled. Probably a good thing I only put about 60 rounds through it first time out.

One thing I noticed is that at the muzzle end of the bore, there are slight burrs on the rifle lands. Several lands have barely perceptible burrs, but one has a burr which is not too hard to notice with the naked eye, and significant with 7x mag.

What should I do about this? Will it degrade the gun's accuracy?

For a new gun, should I be talking to Ruger if I want it cleaned up, or is it better to have a local gunsmith lap it out?

Thanks for input!


Jul 9, 2009
Auburn, CA
If I were you, I would call them before doing anything else. I had some problems with a new MK III and their customer service was outstanding.