New Mini 4 Ranch Rifle Serial Number Prefix 581

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Aug 17, 2009
I just took delivery on the new subject 223 Cal. Mini 14 RR and the serial number prefix is 581-XXXXXX. I thought the new mini's S/N's were prefixed with 580 serties and the new mini 30's were prefixed with 581-. I called Ruger and they advised me the 581 prefix is okay, but this appears to me as unusual? The receiver is clearly stamped 223 Cal. Any thoughts on this? (haven't shot it yet)


Jan 22, 2001
Dawson, Iowa
Ruger finished out their 580- prefix with 100,000 New Mini-14 Ranch rifles. So once that happened, they combined the Mini-30's and Mini-14 Ranches in the 581-.
There's really no reason to have them in the same prefix anyway.
Ruger did the same thing with their older style Mini-14's and mini-30's once the Mini-30 completed their 189- prefix.
And all it has done is add to the confusion of the Ruger employee since I have seen out-of-sequence guns produced right after the new series' of Mini-14's and Mini-30's came in particular a 581- prefixed Mini-14 on Ruger's trade show display the same year the models were announced. Ruger caught a few of these and gave them an "R" prefix serial number before they were shipped out (for "RANCH").
Currently, Ruger has four different series' of Mark III pistol and each started with their own prefix...227-, 228-, 229- and 270-. Well, the 227- and 228- guns have filled their prefixes and joined up with the 22/45 Hunter in the 270- prefix. Another 30,000 or so 229- guns and they will also hook up with wherever the 270- prefix is at at the time.