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Jun 17, 2023
Just joined with main reason being I have just purchased a Ruger Sportster 10/22 with SIg Sauer Buckmaster scope, and 20" barrel. Have had a basic Ruger 10/22 a few years back which was stolen from a storage unit. So am now back and wanting to get back to target shooting, not necessarily competition, som plinking, and send squirrels to squirrel heaven - if there is such a place. 🤭

Shot some rounds with it this past weekend and quickly found the factory trigger way to heavy. I have an Anschutz match rifle which has a true hair trigger. Point is that I am wanting to change to a much lighter trigger for the new 10/22. Quite the range for after market triggers out there but have pretty much settled on a Timney Calvin Elite. Problem is that Timney says the pull is 1.5-2 lb. I have already come across three reviews wherein the pull is greater than 2 lbs, 2.1, 2.3, and 2.5. The latter was sent back to Timney, they adjusted it, returned to buyer but the pull was still high at 2.3 lb. If I am going to pay that kind of money I certainly do expect the trigger to meed advertised specs! Is this a typical problem of Timney - selling a product that does not meet advertised specs? My feeling is that if they cut corners on this they will cut corners elsewhere.

Any suggestions on Timney would be appreciated and any suggestions for other good trigger types will be greatly appreciated!

Regards - AtTheFarm

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