New member here and new Ruger owner!

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Jan 23, 2022
Hey Everyone,

New to the forum and new to Ruger firearms. I purchased a Ruger Mark IV Lite for my daughter to plink around with as she enjoys accompanying me to the range. My 9mms have a bit too much kick for her at the moment. She does well with it, but I wanted something that would be a bit easier and fun for her to shoot.

Been having some issues with it since purchase, well a lot of issues actually. I'll save that for a different thread, as that is not what this sections is designed for.

Recently got into Guns just last year. Purchased 4 firearms total last year. Sig P320, HK P30L, Kriss Vector CRB, and the Ruger Mark IV lite. First three are all 9mm and all a lot of fun to shoot. This year I plan on getting the Ruger AR-556 and probably a smaller 9mm for carry once/if I get a CCW for my area.

Anyway, great to be here and look forward to learning from everyone.


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