New Gun Store in Dallas

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Nov 5, 2007
Dallas, TX
A new gun store opened up about 20 minutes from my house. I just stopped in, the name is: Mission Ridge. It's pretty nice, they have a pistol range, rifle range and a Bow and Arrow range.

Plenty of guns for sale in the retail section, as I expected, lots and lots of semi-autos and just a handful of revolvers. Then mostly AR's on the wall. They did have a few of the Ruger Precision bolt action rifles. Man, those are very nice looking.

But I did manage to get some ammunition. The limit is one box. So I got some 45 acp to take out to Contender's range in October. I don't have a .45, so I'm not sure what a good price is. This was $29 for a box of 50. I picked up a box of 9mm, and it was $62. I set it back down very carefully...

But yeah, if you're in the area, stop in, it's clean and well lit. Plus it's just nice to see new gun shops opening up during these times. It gives me hope.
Nov 15, 2005
Greenville, SC: USA
now I would love to see that range!

Friends and I were looking at the pricing for ammo out at Front Sight and the 45acp was about $5 less per 50 than the 9mm... who would have figured it...

As I said, I never shoot my 1911 and just went to check inventory.. the odd thing is it's not even listed on the sheet on the door of my ammo locker... I have about 250 rounds and so I'll bring a box with me in October.

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