New 77/22 Hornet

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Hello guys
My name's Matt, I live in Scotland, (uk).
Just about to get my first Ruger 77/22 Hornet in Laminate/Stainless.

It is to fill the gap between my CZ 452 Style 22lr and Centre fire Sauer 202 .243.

I had a reality check with the cost of shooting here in the UK, Hence the need for a smaller round.
Factry ammo in .243 is over £1.00 per shot, premium ammo is £1.70 per shot.

I can reload for £0.60 per shot, but it is still expensive.
Vit N140 is over £60 per kilo :shock:

Hence.........My little Hornet purchase :wink:

Although it is still £0.25 to reload a round.

Anyhow, I have yet to shoot the rifle, it is currently in transit, but I have high hopes for this rifle in terms of accuracy..
My question to you guys more experienced in the 77/22 is what accuracy did you get from the factory rifle, and what can be done to them if you aren't happy with the initial results.

I don't tolerate inaccurate rifles, I am a professional part time vermin controller...

I am starting with 35 gr vmax, and lil' gun..

I havent been this excited about a new gun in ages :lol:



Jan 12, 2009
Montana 'Merica
You will be very happy with that Reloading combination and firearm. I have the standard model 77/22 Hornet and I am very happy with mine.