New .357 SS Blackhawk

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Nov 18, 2002
The living corpse of San Francisco Ca USA
Just picked 'er up today, brand new in the box. It'll be a while before I get to shoot it - arthroscopic surgery on knee Tuesday- but I have been giving it the fondling test, and thus far things look good. It's very well finished, locks up good and tight, has almost no endplay, and the B/C gap looks to be .004" or under. The casting work in unfinished areas (like hammer face) is very clean and the trigger is crisp for a transfer bar gun. The grips are a cocobolo colored laminate, and are okay, with a few tiny drip marks. No matter, it'll be getting a set of Cary's holly grips soon enough.

All in all, I'm impressed. I hope the rest of Ruger's new products are as well made as this one seems to be.

The proof is in the shooting, but so far so good.