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I have 2 Ruger New Model SuperBlackhawk revolvers, both in .44 mag, that I need help determining value for estate and sales purposes.

Details as follows:

S410N 10.5" Bbl sn 83-80078
S47N 7.5" Bbl sn 83-38053

Both are marked IHMSA with a RAM pictured. Both are #078 in the series.

The S410N is complete with the original carton, paperwork and certificate of authenticity from the RCA dated October 1980 and the fitted mahogany presentation case. The S47N is in the original carton. Both are new, and never fired.

I appreciate any info or suggestions.

Bruce Phillips


Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Welcome to the Forum.
According to my Red Eagle News Reference guide & price sheet,,, a IHMSA S47N which should be 1 of 100 would be around $575. The other one should be 1 of 500 (the S410N) about $525.
While these weren't produced in large quantities,, there isn't a huge interest in them as collectors as they are not a factory authorized special edition.
Glad to help another Phillips out. (I'm a WNC Phillips.)