Need Advice Please

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Hi Guys:

I have three areas I need help with:

For my Single Six Stainless:
Custom Grips? (Prefer Wood)
High Vis Front Sight?

Thirdly...Has anyone had sight work done on an old model Super Bearcat, or would that ruin the aesthetics/value of it?

Thanks for any advice.



Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Welcome to the Forum!
To help a bit;
Custom wood stocks; we have some excellent craftsmen around here. CaryC, (CLCCustomgrips,) PvtSchultz, and a couple of others. They do make some mighty fine stocks for SA revolvers.
Hi-Viz front sights; I'm not sure if Hi-Viz makes a set for the SA's but a lot of folks will use a colored paint to make the front sight easier to see.
As for modifying OM's of any flavor,, when you change the factory configuration,, it does remove any serious collector value. However,, some of the older "beaters" will be better off worked over & made into nice shooting pieces.