My Wife Likes To Play BINGO

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Feb 22, 2007
So. Florida
My wife (a former NRA member, for those that think that kinda thing is important here) and I have kinda an agreement where she lets me go shooting and I let her go to BINGO whenever we want. I was talking to some folks at the range today (really HOT today) and they all had an agreement with their better-half's also. The funniest was the guy that gets to go shooting and his wife gets to go shopping. He added when they are not getting along she goes 'revenge shopping'.
...but back to BINGO. I gave the forum my jigsaw puzzle site a while ago so now here's a live BINGO sight with a shooting flair. I still don't care for BINGO but I thought you'all might enjoy. It's on FaceBook. :D