My Wife Did It

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Dec 7, 2021
When my Wife and I were first married and until our two Daughters were old enough to really get into Santa coming we really lavished Christmas gifts on each other. She never wears all the rings I have bought for her over the years. If I do say so myself I became quite an expert diamond buyer. I actually enjoyed finding a superb cut solitaire ring and an antique ring bought from an estate auction sometimes included rings that the design and settings alone were works of art. All of that to say my Wife and mine gift giving wasn’t one sided with her giving and me receiving. But I was always reading a gun magazine and talking out loud taking on about a new gun that had just been released and she was listening and come Christmas morning I would open a box and find that newest release firearm that I had so wanted.That’s I came to own a Colt Mark IV, Series 70 Gold Cup National Match -45 ACP pistol, a Ruger Redhawk, and maybe the best gift she ever bought me a Ruger No. One Single Shot Rifle with the Bull Barrel in .25/.06 Cal. With a 3X9 Leopold Scope. One zeroed in this rifle was and still is a tack driver and I might say even though fired extensively it look as it did when new in 1978 and I still have the box and all original paperwork Thought she couldn’t ever equal that Christmas, the very next year she found a very hard to find Ruger Red Lable O/U .20 Gage Shotgun which was the equal to the No. One in fit and finish.