My Take On The Single-Ten.

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Oct 24, 2011
State Of Jefferson
I just took delivery of a Single-Ten. I got a smoking deal on it and it only had 50 rounds through it and it's like new.

First of all, what a quality piece! The satin stainless finish is immaculate and it just exudes quality. I didn't think I'd like the HIVIZ sights but I found I really like them as I hunt a lot of squirrels and do a lot of target practice and they just flat out work.

It's very accurate and having 10 rounds on board is a big plus and doesn't add to the size of the gun at all over a standard Single-Six.

The only negative I can find on the entire gun is that one of the frame back screws is slightly buggered up which really is no big deal.

I have to admit, (to me), it's heavy revolver and I prefer lighter weight, (I love shooting my little Bearcat), but it's truly overbuilt and with proper care it will last many lifetimes.

My take is if you love Ruger revolvers, this one is a true must have.