My Son-In-Law passed away at 46

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Dec 30, 2008
Alan is the father of my 4 granddaughters with my oldest daughter. They're divorced, but my joke has been that Alan and I hadn't divorced. We worked together for over 9 years. Our family has always referred to his daughters, my granddaughters, as "the girls".

He now worked as a long haul trucker in the far north Midwest. A week ago Monday night he parked his rig and checked out with dispatch telling them he was leaving for Georgia in the morning to see his daughters. He didn't respond to calls and texts Tuesday, very unusual. The trucking company was called and was asked to check his rig. They said he wasn't in it and his car was gone. Wednesday a missing person's report was put out.

Thursday afternoon either the County or State Police went to the very rural trucking terminal to check things out. His truck was still running and they found Alan had passed away in the sleeper. His car was there but had been covered with snow. The company obviously hadn't checked his rig or looked very hard for his car.

Now 4 precious girls have lost their Dad at a very young age. My son came down and the family spent as much time together and with the girls as we could for support. The coroner still hasn't done an autopsy citing the extreme weather they've been having.

His youngest daughter, now 14, had a poem she wrote last year published. She wrote another this year before her Dad passed away. I won't post the entire short poem because it's private. It was about falling in love with life and nature. It's not about a person. Part of it read:

I'll call my Dad every day
And I'll tell him I skipped rocks
Or watched a dumb movie
Or scraped my knee trying to relearn how to roller skate

But only because I want to fall in love

... :cry: