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Jun 25, 2009
Las Vegas, NV
I know several people, including myself, have asked questions about holsters for all the different P models. Since I sorted things out for myself I wasn't sure if this would fall under CC or autos so the gallery seemed like a good place to put a few photos to reference elsewhere. Please feel free to post photos of your favorite holsters and pistols or whatever else you feel like throwing up, just no monkeys those things are evil. Sorry if the photos aren't the greatest quality it's an old camera and my bathroom floor had the best lighting in the house so that's what I went for lol

First off my baby. My first ruger the P944. I've had this one for about 5 years now and I still love it, and use it for daily carry both at work and around town.

I've got sabers loaded up right now, the nice thing is that my job paid for them. WOOT free ammo :)

This is a cheapy uncle mikes IWB size 15. I'm not a big fan of one size fits nothing right but this one isn't bad. It fits the pistol well and is comfortable to wear just not in the car for me. I usually wear it at about the 5 o'clock position. I know some people like to wear these in front but I haven't figured out how. One thing to remember is to wear a belt with it, I forgot to put mine on one day leaving work and I could feel how loose it was the whole time, but with the belt you really don't need to worry about retention and for the most part once you've spent about an hour walking around with it you just about forget it's there, and for about 16 bucks ya can't beat it.

This is my work holster. I'm a plain clothes security officer for a casino in las vegas. Sometimes I wear a suit and sometimes it's just slacks and a polo so this one serves me very well. It's a Bianchi Model 82 – CarryLok for a sig 229. Being that I have to wrestle around with drunks more often then I like to admit I need active retention. It take a little practice to get use to the draw because you're using your middle finger to release the lock but maybe 30 to 45 minutes you'll be comfortable with it and at least I feel like it's very natural. I did have to stretch the leather a bit with a hairdryer but I don't have to constantly be checking a thumb break like my old holster and since I'm still waiting on the serpa for a P95 from blackhawk that I ordered in june this is perfect for my needs. If you're looking for a belt holster with rock solid active retention (tested in several fights by myself) this is the holster for you, unless you really just want to wait for the serpa.

That's it, I hope this helps someone and you guys enjoy the pics and please share your.



Mar 5, 2006
No "simply Rugged holster???
We can change that!!!.... :wink:

I don't think any holster conceals as well as a properly executed pancake holster...



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