My Mini-30 has a Cousin...

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Mar 31, 2023
Well, I am really happy with the 1.5 MOA my 584 Mini-30 gets with iron sights. That is using the 125 grain .308" Hornady OTM over H4198, and giving 2500a+ fps from a radar Chrony. I decided to mount my vintage Japanese made Bushnell Banner 1.5X-4X scope.It will make a good 300 yard shooter.
That left me wanting an iron sight, 7.62x39 close up and personal gun. Through the gunshop I work in, I picked up a 100% US made PSA (Palmetto State Armory) GF3 forged classic AKM (AK-47) for $750 out the door. It has all forged front trunnion, bolt, and bolt carrier, unlike Century's AKs that use cast. Rob Ski of the AK Operators Union did a 5,000 round torture test of the PSA G3 and gave it two thumbs up.
I got my first AK in 1985, a Chinese Poly Tech "Spiker" Type 56 with a folding bayonet. I had it for about 15 years, until I was forced to sell when I went out on permanent disability. Since then, in the last 22 years, I have had about 8-10 different AKs, not because I love them or am a fanboy, but it is just because they are an indestructible piece of kit, and will still be working when the end of the world happens. I still have stacks of legal, pre-ban, while I was LEO, standard capacity mags.
It will arrive at the shop and go into 10 day Comiefornia gun jail on next Tuesday. Understand, I don't really love or particularly enjoy AKs (or even my AR15s for that matter). I just respect them for a platform, and want one in my Arrnory. I would still much rather shoot my Mini-14 and Mini-30.