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Feb 22, 2008
Shot this LCR for the first time today, about 30 rnds and the Grand kids step Dad shot 5. The trigger was horrible for the first 5 rnds and smoothed out after a few rnds. The usual issues with a short barrel, meaning there is no slack if the sight is not right on. It seems that it is best to get a sight picture and pull the trigger reasonably fast. Trying to find the breaking point, stopping, and fine tuning the sight alignment before finishing the trigger pull resulted in a harder pull at the end causing less accurate shot placement. Recoil with .38spl seem quite easy; however, it must have been a bit snappy since the sight picture had to be reacquired, unlike a heaver revolver that can be maintained on tgt during rapid fire with .38spl.

Put it in my pocket and it is light enough to not notice it much, other than one loses use of the front pockets with the revolver in one and a speed loader in the other. There is a slight issue with using a speed loader, if one lets the ammo get too far in the cylinder, ie more than half the bullet or so; the speed loader hangs up on the grip and reloading gets jammed up. Maybe a speed strip is a better choice.

A Galco clip on IWB holster for a SP 101 will work fine.


Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
I was talking with Jerry Miculek about DA shooting small revolvers once & he strongly suggested to "get a good grip, & pull in a straight back, consistent, smooth one motion, while the sights are aligned." Some guns don't "stage" the trigger well, and as such, a good steady pull will result in better accuracy.