My first reloads for my Redhawk

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Sep 22, 2009
Erie, CO
I tried my first reloads in my 44 mag 7.5" Redhawk last night. I was shooting 240gr Hornady XTP's with the following powder charges and 50 yard 4 shot group sizes.

14.0 gr BlueDot 2.12"
10.1 gr Unique (horrible, didn't bother to measure)
18.0 gr 2400 1.33"
10.7 gr 231 2.00"
13.0 gr SR4756 1.09"
23.0 gr H110 1.79"

I actually shot 5 shots in each group but figure the jerk behind the trigger will throw at least 1 out of 5 so I threw out the worst one of each group. I didn't have my chronograph with me so I don't have velocities but I could certainly tell the H110 load was the warmest. Others felt pretty mild. I'm pretty darn tickled with the results. Can't wait to tweak a few loads and get back out there with the chronograph.