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Bob Wright

Jun 24, 2004
Memphis, TN USA
Seems like I'm on a holster kick lately, and I reckon I am. About twelve years ago or so, I began carrying a Single Action for my every day companion. I've carried something for about sixty years, and the Single Action is just what I feel most comfortable with, despite the naysayers. And, it has been a Ruger Blackhawk of some kind or another. Of late I have consulted with Mike "Doc" Barranti and he has been most helpful in listening (actually, reading.) and met my specifications perfectly. One of his first, and still one of the best, is his No. 1 Shuck. I ordered one as it seemed ideal for a Single Action carry. This is it:

I liked the looks of the cuff and ordered one so modified, and then ordered on a mite more fancy, with basket weave stamping;

These were made to be worn on a 2 1/2" gun belt, but I like it so well I added a strip of leather to the belt loop area to adapt it to a 1 1/2" pants belt. This became my favorite holster.

Then decided to try the Ranger Model which is of the Brill design:

This is a trifle too long for a 4 5/8" Ruger and punches the seat when in my truck. Also found it has too much forward cant to suit me, as I can't easily reach the hammer spur when I grasp the gun butt.

My latest, and Doc's latest is his Hipshot design, inspired by Skeeter Skelton. Doc told me he designed it solely from the sketch on the masthead of Skeeter's column in "Shooting Times." And it has sort of become my favorite now, while the older No.1 Banded Shuck remains my Sunday holster.

And, just for show, group portrait:

Hope you enjoy this little treatise.

Bob Wright