Montana woman shoots a husky ?

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Apr 2, 2014
if you want to call something with that Big of Head and pelt , a pup , so be it I guess

OK, it's a huge beast.


Mar 5, 2006
Just a few comments...
1) I did not read the article..(ok.. I went and read the article.. still don't buy it).. but even if I did, it does not mean that the reporter was truthful.. (we trust the media.. right?).... or that the teller was truthful..... So reading the article is no verification of the facts... sad to say....
2) Anyone who could mistake that dog for a wolf or even a coyote needs glasses.... (certainly, an education).
3) Feral dogs.... I have never witnessed an abandoned "dog", that did not just want to go home... Those abused would be very timid... and not want to interact... recent drop-offs, would to be slightly more willing to be approached. Been down that road....
4) a "group", of feral? dogs would attack as a pack, and she would have probably not had time or interest in gathering a pelt...
5) She has no fr**ken clue as to how to skin a coyote, wolf, otter, marten, or ermine.... as she skun it out completely WRONG!!! Everything about that pelt say's... Amateur... unless she was wanting a really small rug for the fireplace, I guess..... The only animal, in that size range I ever saw, that was skun out like a white tail... was an otter... And it wasn't trapped by me! Anyone who fancies themselves an outdoors-person, would do the job right... And if they had the intelligence to realize they had shot a domesticated dog by mistake, would not advertise it, and hopefully pray for forgiveness...
6) I hope she learns her lesson, as I can guess the online thrashing, she must be getting... (from both sides)...
7)... added later.. How is it that the other dogs were recovered without incident. Shepards are generally more aggressive than husky's... But this pup was agressive?.. Nope.... I do't buy it...

I don't buy the story, as I read it here.... It smacks of, I shot a really big buck, story.. The big buck turns out to be a horse...
To add an anecdotal story... When I first got out of the service, I found work on a horse farm... Every deer season, all the horses had blaze orange blankets on, until after season was over.... And not without reason...
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Mike J

Aug 5, 2007
It seems she didn't learn all three of the 3 S's. Shoot, Shovel, Shut Up.

Rick Courtright

Mar 10, 2002
Redlands CA USA
She did a good thing other than posting it on Facebook
19 dogs being dropped 11 miles into the wilderness ) going to be a problem , it would have turned wild and killed anything it could to eat or have been killed and eaten,, so either way it's better off dead

My experience with dogs gone feral is very limited, but suggests they don't miss many meals before they forget their table manners.

Rick C
Dec 1, 2007
“don't buy the story, as I read it here.... It smacks of, I shot a really big buck, story.. The big buck turns out to be a horse...”

Ok, ok lady…it’s a deer. Just let me get my saddle off it, please…

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