MKII grips on RST6?

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Jan 20, 2008
I just got a pretty nice original RST6 made in late 1957 or early 1958 that needs new grips, and I am having trouble finding replacements. Don't need originals--gun is a "shooter" only (so am I). Will MKII grips from the Ruger Store fit and function OK on an original frame? Or Alumagrips?

If not, does anybody know of a good source for a pair of replacements for a "Mark I" frame like this?

Any help greatly appreciated!

Mike Armstrong
Dec 11, 2002
what 'hsg' said above, and if you did have a later A-100 frame you MUST put a filler, or shim or something in the "groove" ( hogged out) area of the left grip panel that the MK II lever would sit in....or the sear pin in the standard or MK I frame will "move" out (shift) and disable you gun.......
as for 'early grips for the standard s or MK I frames ( lower grip screw in the LEFT panel) they are out there,depends on "How much" you are wanting to spend, I sell the old ones when I can get them in the $20-25 range, they are hard rubber or the walnut ones with NO thumb rest...the medallion will be on the LEFT panel only.............

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