MK1 Loose Sight.

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bob kk

Mar 26, 2006
Kingsport, Tn.
Went to the range Wed. Shooting at Birch-wood 22 swingers and one for center fire. Could not hit them with my MK1 bull barrel then tried the larger one with my S&W M27. No trouble hitting them with 38 wad cutters. Got to checking the MK1 and the rear sight was loose and moving side to side. Tightened it up and that helped my hitting. The set screw didn't want to come out. Was going to loctite it but just tightened it down.


Oct 21, 2012
I just got my MK1 back from Ruger a month or so ago where the reblued/refurbed it. My first plate shoot at the club was a similar experience to your. Couldn't hit squat! Stayed after and shot a bit more and when I laid the gun down to reload the rear site fell off! That explained a bunch. A little purple loctite (222 I think) and all is well.

BTW I had a hard time getting the set screw out too. If it wont back out, you may try removing the sire, turning the screw out the bottom of the site a few extra threads apply the loctite, retract the screw, install the site and tighten screw. I have to add .004 shim under the site to take up some of the slop before I tightened the set screw.

Next plate shoot is tomorrow morning, hope I do better.