Mini 14 Upgrade

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Sep 12, 2006
I went to the Troy page and saw the stuff they sell for the Mini14 but didn't see anything that I would consider an upgrade.

The sights seemed nice but the fact they are mounted on the stock instead of solidly on the rifle put me off. In addition, the rear sights seem to need a tool for adjustments. This is no better than the current setup. A REAL sight needs no tools for adjustment (Garand, M14, A-2, etc.).

And the price! You gotta be kidding me. A stock for more than another brand new, out of the box Mini14?

The worse part that I saw was the fact that it is designed to block access to the receiver/chamber. In my opinion the greatest feature of the Mini14 is as unrestricted access to the chamber as is possible.

If you want something that looks like an AR, sell the Mini, take that money plus what this stock would cost and you could buy an AR with enough rails, grips, flashlights, cup holders, whatever to satisfy any Saturday morning Ninja. Just my opinion, Robert.