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Sep 18, 2014
Hello all, I've got a few questions I was hoping someone would be able to answer.

I understand the latest Mini-14/30 'Tactical' rifles are supplied with a 1913 style rail by Ruger that screws directly to the top of the receiver, this rail has a relief cut on the right to allow for proper case ejection.

1- Does this cut also allow for the bolt to be removed without having to remove the rail?

2- If so, has anyone with a low optic mounted had troubles removing the bolt with the optic still mounted?

I have also seen a few aftermarket rails such as the two made by GG&G, one is RD specific, the other is a full 1913 rail.

3- Can the bolt be removed with either of the GG&G rails attached?

The reason I'm asking all of these questions is that while I've never owned a Mini, I've always liked them and thought a receiver mounted red dot would make a handy package. Seeing this latest 'rail ready' version from Ruger has rekindled my interest and I'm strongly considering getting myself a Mini-30.

The reason I'm wanting to pull the bolt with the rail still attached is obviously to maintain zero, I've read how with certain scopes mounted you cannot remove the bolt. Many said they don't worry about removing it to clean but I'm OCD and always clean deep, also I almost exclusively use Yugo M67 with its corrosive primer.

Thanks for the help :)

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