Midway Primers

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Oct 19, 2007
Strum, WI
I have to tell you guys what a big fan I am of Midway. I finally got around to getting stuff to reload for my old 1909 Mauser, but couldn't find primers anywhere. I went to Midway and checked their "expected in stock" dates because they're usually pretty close. I know Midway has refused backorders on primers for a long time, which annoyed some people. However, I think it's better than allowing unlimited backorders, like Powder Valley (over 50 million primers on backorder.

Midway has a handy "remind me" feature that lets them automatically email you when an out of stock item is entered by their receiving department. I signed up for a few different brands of primers, and crossed my fingers. I knew they were expecting Remington Large Rifle primers in today, so I've been watching my email pretty closely.

Got an email at 12:48 that the primers were in stock, ordered myself 5k Rem Large Rifle and 5k Win Large Pistol, got my order in by 1:05, and they were sold out by 1:10.

Any of you guys that are looking for primers, this may be your best bet. As long as you can monitor your email pretty closely (I use Gmail, which pops new messages up automatically just by leaving it open in your browser) and order quickly, you'll be set. It appears that they're getting pretty regular shipments in too, the ones that sold out today are expected again on the 28th.


Sep 27, 2006
Another good place to check is Gun Shows. I went to one this weekend, and there were 2 or 3 dealers with primers in stock. I saw Federal, Winchester and Wolf primers. They had large and small in both rifle and pistol.

They also had gunpowder in stock.