Mental calculations

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Dec 25, 2007
At my age, I'm not nearly as sharp as 30 years back and sometimes just head down a trail that leads to a dead end. Saturday was a stellar day for me even though it was blazing hot and humid.
We're in the process of re-purposing 3 semi-loads of second hand 'pipe and rod' feedlot fencing into a working corral for our north farm. Since this is in 25-30' sections still welded together, it's important (and tricky) to get all post holes proper distance, depth, and in line so the sections end up aligned vertically and horizontally.
I was making the mental calculations while Son was using his phone calculator and I had to wait for him to catch up. :whistle:
Next time out, I may have a "Joe Biden' moment but this time it was GOOD.:D

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