mark 111 receiver

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recentily purchased a standard mark 111. couple of days ago i dissambled and reassembled it for the first time. what a job that was. of course after following the instructions and going to u-tube i finally got the hang of it. hope it gets easier the next few times. question i have is on the receiver. on some of the videos it appears that no hammer is required to put the receiver back on, just manually side it off and side it on with no problem and no hammer. i had to use the hammer both times. question is why? Also when i was putting the receiver back on i was never really sure how far back it was supposed to go. so what i did was use the hammer until i could put the mag in. if the mag fit i am assuming the receiver is back far enough, correct? there is no picture as to how far the receiver should go back so i am guessing here. everything on the pistol seems to be operating ok though, will test fire it this weekend. any suggestions on the receiver issue would be appreciated. thanks


Sep 26, 2009
Mid Missouri
I have owned a 22/45 Mark III for 3 years. The first 6 to 8 times I disassembled & reassembled the pistol I also had to use a plastic hammer. After that I had to push hard on the grip with the end of the barrel on a towel lying my work bench. Now the receiver & grip slide together fairly easily. If the receiver is not slid all the way on the grip the mainspring housing bolt stop pin assembly will not go into the hole on the receiver housing.