Making Speed Six OEM style grips

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Dec 8, 2005
If you have a Speed Six (151- and up serial number) and it doesn't have the OEM standard (non oversized grips) and you can't seem to find any anywhere, you can duplicate them if you have extra Security Six or Police Service Six grips. This will also work with the 150- s/n Speed Sixes if you have extra 150- OEM grips.

I used a 1" stationary belt sander to take off most of the wood but didn't touch the OEM's. Then married both halves of the in work grips and did more sanding until I was happy. I'm not right now, I need to do a little bit more to round the edges a bit to make them a bit closer to the OEM.

(I used the ruler to show they are lined up the same)

Marry them and you'll see what you have to remove

Locator pin holes are the same on all three of the models so no worries there.

My first attempt - left is what I am doing, right is OEM


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