M77 tang safety model trigger adjustment

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Mar 30, 2003
Tang safety model made in year 1990 (prefix 772). Trigger breaks at 5.5 lbs when turned in to where about it requires 2 full turns brings it to surface. At surface level its 5 lbs. When I backed it out to where three threads show there was no change and finally backed it out to near 4-5 threads show and get 4.5 lbs.

Just got this gun and its like new. Other than perhaps grease interferring with operation....is this as good as it gets???? For what its worth the trigger breaks like glass...no creep at all.

Am unfamiliar with older Rugers as this is my first M77. Its a varmint model in 22-250 and I want about 2 lbs. How far can you safely back that screw out without it being an ornament or falling out? If I can go further out and do any good...I can put locktite on it. Seems to me I should be seeing a gradient in pull weight.

Also, is there a link to setting up this system, i.e., trigger engagement, etc. such as with the 700 remington?

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