lookin for a new scope

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Sep 11, 2009
i was wondering if any one would mind posting photo's of their mk111's with scope's. if you don't mind, list the manufacture and scope model, distance it can be used for, and your like's and dislike's.
i know nothing about scope's or mount's, so any tech info and personal opinion would save me a great deal of time. i'd like to save some money and buy the correct product the first time. i'm sure you all know what a great help you can be?
i just plan on using one from 5yds-75yds give or take a few yds.
i was lucky not knowing alot about mk's to purchase a mk111 5.5" bull barrel and a competition 6 7/8" slab side. i did this because someone gave me a mk1 they had setting around for a number of year's, and after firing it i was very,very impressed.


Ruger Guru
Sep 18, 2002
Lake Lure NC USA
Well, there are so many options (and opinions,) that it could get confusing. While I don't have any pics of my scoped MK guns, I can tell you the following.
Red Dot optics are very popular, and quite good if you get a quality built type. AimPoint, C-More, FastFire, are just a few to consider. I think that C-More is among the best, but they run around $250. Time & competition proven.
Scopes, again, the selection is vast, even more so than red dots. Any quality extended eye relief scope can be used. If you want longer range precision, then a scope with magnification will help, (but it'll show you how much you shake too,) whereas a red dot doesn't usually offer magnification, but accurate shooting.
As for mounts. The Competition Target model should already be drilled & tapped for the scope base, as should the MKIII. So a base, either factory or Weaver type can be used.
Lots of choices, so the best advice is to "shop around," to see what you'll enjoy for what your needs are. We enjoy both Red Dots on a few 22's here, as well as a few with scopes , and of course open sights as well.