SOLD Lone Star Rolling Block 38-55

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Mar 21, 2009
Dayton, Wyoming
Guy who said he would buy this rifle reneged on the deal, so it is still available.

Up for sale is a customized Lone Star Rifle Company Rolling Block by Dave Higginbotham in 2001. Dave passed away in December, 2011. I purchased this from the second owner in 2015, who purchased it in 2005. He contacted Dave about the rifle and have the emails between him and Dave, along with the name of the original purchaser and other info about the rifle.

When I received the rifle, it appeared that it had been shot very little and was in superb condition. I have never shot it since I bought it and the wood has a few rubs from the safe, otherwise it is in pristine shape, wood and metal, with a perfect bore. The round barrel is 28" with a round receiver and Remington style metal buttplate. Barrel is 1.065" at the breech and .850 at the muzzle. There is a single trigger that is smooth with no creep, it is superb. The forearm has a Schnabel tip and wood is walnut. The receiver and buttplate are case colored and the rest of the metal is rust blued. Length of pull is 13.5" and overall length is 43.25". Weight is around 8 pounds and twist is 1X15 with bore and groove of .368 - .375. The chamber is for the longer 38-55 brass of 2.125.

After I received it, I did not care for the buckhorn sights and blade front sight and sent it to gunsmith John King to install an Axtell globe front sight (I have all the insets) and rear Axtell Graduated tang sight with a MVA Hadley Eyecup. I also had an Ebony Sharps pistol grip, rear sight filler and sling eyes installed by John. I have that workorder.

Selling this rifle for $2600, less than I have in it, and with free shipping. I accept cash, MO and personal checks. No electronic payments or trades. Your FFL must accept from a private person. The pictures do not do the metal and wood justice, it is that nice. Contact me with any questions and thanks for looking.


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Mar 15, 2000
Beautiful gun. A question for my edification. I assume it is built on an original Remington action so could it be considered an antique and therefore shipped to anyone or at least C&R or does the extensive customization prevent that?