little rust spots on a ss hawkeye....

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Mar 2, 2010
I bought a Ruger 77 Hawkeye SS All-Weather in .308 "matte finish or brushed finish" depending on who you talk to, last year. And straight out of the box it had a couple dozen little red spots on it. They mostly rubbed off with some WD-40. But just after deer season when putting up my guns in the closet I noticed a few more. I know that the gun is a 400 series stainless and will rust under the right conditions.

I clean my guns on a fairly good routine. I oil them with REM-LUBE or something similar. But i'm afraid I will really trash the finish on the stainless if I get to aggressive cleaning it. Are there any products on the market designed especially to clean these stainless guns?

Any advice is helpful. First time on the forum so thanks in advance.

Miketyson26 :D


Mar 15, 2005
Welcome to the forum! This and the new finishes has been talked about quite a bit before. Maybe a search would bring up a topic that has a decent suggestion.

I don't know about anything special to keep it from developing those little rust spots. Maybe try a brass bristled brush or tooth brush and work the solvent in a little?? As you know , all stainless will rust but that matte finish has tons of more nooks for it to take hold in.

That is one of my main reasons I will never buy a matte or bead blasted stainless gun. A buddy of mine who has had Remingtons with the same finish has been dealing with that problem for years. I have never had that problem with any of my satin stainless Rugers even if they get neglected during hunting season.