Lend Your Guns So I New Shooter Can Get Involved

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Jan 14, 2017
Surprise, Az
Sunday is our monthly Steel Challenge Match. Last month a new women joined our little group and after everyone gave her recommendations of what gun to buy next I told her not to buy until she could test out some of the guns being used.

She shot the match with a Glock in Carry Optics Division. She brought 300 rounds of 9 mm with her and needed to borrow a few rounds to finish up on Smoke & Hope. She wasn't going to shoot it but when you are on the last stage you can't just walk away. Two guys lent her ammo and she finished the day with a smile on her face.

Then came the fun. Of the 8 of us on our squad everyone asked if she wanted to try out guns. She tested my Black Mamba and said that that is about what she wants for her next match gun but I told her she could shoot my backup gun this weekend, a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite, and perhaps my Mark III Hunter next week to see what fits her hands better.

I cleaned my Mamba and Lite today before going to the range. I wanted to test them and make sure I was lending her a reliable firearm. I wouldn't want her to get a bad experience because her gun didn't work so I fired a few hundred rounds from the Lite to make sure it was hitting where the dot was pointed.

I also fired a couple of hundred rounds from my Black Mamba, making sure my sights are on for this match. Good thing I took the time. I was hitting about 6 inches to the left. After 20 rounds on a USPSA Paper Target I was able to keep all my shots inside the head at 18 yards. Hopefully I'll hit like that this weekend.

Here is this weekend's match will be shot with.



May 9, 2008
tucson az
Good for you. I took some new shooters to a Tucson range last week….let them shoot several from MK II to Glock and a Sec Six…..they are joining us…..we need new shooters