Left Hand LA Remington 700 Receiver .264 WinMag

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Dec 5, 2023
Harrison, Michigan
Selling new build, never fired except by gunsmith for test fire, barrel set.

Left Hand Remington 700 .264 WinMag

264 Win Mag. Model 700 LH Bolt action "Never Shot "

Blueprinted bolt,
Timney trigger
26" SS Wilson barrel 1-8 twist Barrel channel opened, floated barrel
on a Original 700LA Stock sanded finished with Boiled Linseed oil and two coats of walnut wax.

5x25x56 Arken scope MOA, Warn 20 MOA TAC BASE

.264 WinMag Lee Die set
197 WinMag .264 Brass NEW 47 Whby. .7mm Brass, once fired
Berger 156 EOL
Hornady 84ct 140gr.SST
All gunsmithing was done @ Williams Gunsights in Davidson, Michigan

$2700.00 +S&H


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