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Apr 28, 2005
Texas USA
I know there are a number of threads regarding this firearm, and I do not mean to duplicate but I had the first opportunity to handle one today, it had the CrimsonTrace laser.

I have to tell you, without having shot the gun, it really seemed to fit my hand well. Certainly light as it could be, pointability was very good (mind you I was in Gander Mountain and could not be as free wheeling as I would like)

I do not know that I will ever get one but I would darn sure like to shoot one and see how it functions.

I carry a 686 2 1/2" off duty on occasion and if I needed a lightweight, 5 shot 38 this just might fill the bill.


Jul 30, 2007
Omaha,Ne. USA
You might want to go to youtube and check a video out on the LCR. Punch in your search Ruger LCR revolver on youtube and it should pop up. this guy put he says 500 rounds thru his and the topstrap right above barrel had a deep cut in the topstrap. And you might want to call Ruger revolver customer service and talk to the manager of the factory if you can to see if they had a bad bunch come out. Or go to and look under gun related items and then go to Ruger link. It will have the LCR problem on it. rich642z
Dec 11, 2002
Ohio , U.S.A.
I would tend to believe that MOST folks on any of the "other" gun Forums, would not be overly enthusiastic to another brand, and we always hear the "negative".....yes, that may happen, we have seen it in ALL makes ,models and brands of revolvers over the years, and normally, after a short time, this flame cutting, will actually "spot" anneal" the area, it goes so far and then stops, have yet to see one cut through and destroy the gun, even WAY back when 357 mags were Much "hotter" and SAAMI specs were reduced. I'd bet if it was "concern" or "wrong" these too would have been "recalled" soon after release, as we tend to be the guinea pigs these days for the factories....
they look good to us, and have heard from all the locals, they "like em..."

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