LCR range time

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Mar 22, 2009
East Texas
I finally got the LCR to the range on Christmas eve. I have to say I am impressed. I put about 50 rounds of assorted Remington and Winchester target ammunition and some of my own +P 160 gr LFP reloads. The target ammo was very controlable; the +P got my attention but was more much comfortable than in my old Charter. I have to give Hogue credit for the grip design -- it works. As far as gas cutting of the frame; even with a magnifying glass I could detect none. I am more and more impressed with the DA trigger.

I will CC the LCP in a pocket holster after testing with the Remington 158 lhp +P; FBI load. I don't expect any problem with that load jumping crimp; my reloads didn't, but I need to test it anyway.

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