LC9s vs SR9c

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Dec 16, 2006
I am doing it the same way and consistently shoot low to the left.

If you are a right handed shooter this is an indication of jerking the trigger and/or tightening the whole hand when you press the trigger. Slow down. Slowly press the trigger while hovering the sights on the target rather than stab at the trigger when you get your sight picture.

Don't press the trigger when the sights are on target, press the trigger while the sights are on target.



Jan 28, 2006
blume357 said:
I would be a little reluctant to recommend the LC9s (pro) to a person that is new to guns... this is the one with 4.5lb trigger pull and no safety... If you can rack the slide on the safety model and don't mind the recoil on the small pistol then I think you would be happy carrying it. But I do believe these pistols should always be carried in a holster, not loose.

This is very good advice the LC9s is much safer with thumb safety, IMO. Good gun handling and safety training are your first defense from safety mishaps, but the thumb safety is one more measure. SR9c has a pretty stiff recoil spring and is harder to rack the slide, but has VERY REDUCED recoil. SR9c is thicker and 5 oz. heavier. Glad you are happy with LC9s, I think it is a great choice.


Aug 31, 2015
I tried to use Critical Duty with my Ruger LC9S Pro and had many Fail To Feed problems when racking the slide and trying to eject and load up a new round. The shape of the bullet's small nose allows the bullets in the magazine to nose down when they feed into the chamber and they tend to get stuck at the bottom of the feed ramp. Now this happened while manually working the slide.

I think I shot a few rounds at the range and didn't experience any FTF then. But I switched out the Critical Duty ammo to some Blazer Brass 9 mm 115 for right now.

Critical Duty has a tendency to pass though more things than the Critical Defense ammo from Hornady.

I may try another brand of self defense ammo. But it won't be the FlexLock type ammo until I can prove that it shoots and won't fail to feed on my LC9S Pro gun.

GunnyGene said:
GunnyGene said:
rowanfae22 said:
Thank you all. I read all your replies and went out and shot the LC9s yesterday. It did kick just a bit more than the SR9c, but not enough to bother me. It felt wonderful in my hand and I had no trouble racking the slide. So I put some money down on a new one and will be picking it up soon. Now I need to go to the ammo section of this forum and find what's best for my new 9mm! And I have to look for a purse with a conceal pocket.

Besides the advise you get here from a bunch of old guys, I'd suggest you look into this resource.

Besides catering to the special needs of women who carry in terms of products and advice, they also have chapters around the country where you can connect with other women who shoot, get some professional training, etc. :)

PS: Concerning ammo, it's much like anything else - you get what you pay for. Beyond that, every gun will "like" one brand/bullet weight/design more than others due to very slight differences in the ammo and the gun. My suggestion is to buy one box of each of the recommended brands/styles on your short list and try them out for accuracy and reliability in your gun. A little extra expense, but worth it to make an informed decision on ammo which you may have to rely on to safe your life someday. The objective is to optimize the System, which consists of You, the Firearm (and it's accessories, such as holsters, etc.), and the Ammo. All three must work together.

Personally, I prefer Hornady Critical Duty which is a high quality 9mm 135grn bullet specifically designed for self defense. They also offer a slightly lighter round - Critical Defense - that you may prefer.


Jul 21, 2017
I seem to be constantly thanking all of you. I wish you were my neighbors, so I could just run over and ask questions.

I am going to go back for the 1st Advanced Basic Defense class. And I have found an all women group that is about an hour east from me that shoots for 3 months in the fall. I'll be starting that soon. My husband and I joined gun range about an hour in the other direction and hope to meet more people that can help. Can you tell we live out in the corn fields?

I am now shooting Hornady Critical Defense and it seems to be working for me. And to s4s4u, thank you so much for the Pistol Correction Chart. It gave me a starting point and reminded me of all the things that I might be doing wrong. My shots are better now. My biggest problems seem to be anticipating and tightening my grip. But with more shooting, I'm sure that will improve.

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