Last Round in Mag problem.

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Waldo Pepper

Jan 8, 2008
Big MO
Last round chambers into the receiver but will not fire and feels like the safety is on, in two 22/45 yesterday. Mine a heavy modified version with Volquartsen trigger group with about a 1.5 lb trigger, and all springs replaced with Wolff springs. The other according to my friend is stock, but to be honest if it is it sure has a nice trigger.

We had 7 magazines 4 mine and 3 were his, we tried it with several different amounts loaded in the magazine and always the last round failed to fire feeling like the safety was on. Now for the funny part, when that last round is removed and installed into the magazine alone it will chamber and fire. Do it will one round in the magazine already and it will not fire that second round. When this happens it feels like the safety is on as there is no trigger movement.

I would have said a bad magazine, but seven of them???
We also used the same brand of ammo from the same lot, the yahoo forgot his ammo so I guess it could have been a ammo thing somehow.

Any ideas out there?

I sent an email to my gunsmith who only works on Ruger's, does excellent work and at a reasonable price, but he hunts a lot and has dial up and only checks email once a day if that often. :wink:


Mar 8, 2002
If the magazine catch and spring were replaced ....... Try again after installing original catch and spring. Might be a spring that is too light or heavy or the magazine release is bent or shapped different than the original. Good Luck - J.Solo