Large REDUCTIONS - better pics, Ruger MKI Standard , 1022 50th, Sport King, and others

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Dec 8, 2004
My goal was to ship as many at the same time as possible, and I said I was open to offers and I am!

After mid-week, I'll just drop these off for sale on Gunbroker.

Ruger Standard MKI 22lr 5" barrel - Excellent+ condition. If it wasn't fired, I'd say mint. 1982 I believe, based on 17-79xxx. Terrible pictures. It's been fired, but I can't find a mark on the bluing, edges, or grips. $395, $385 Shipped CONUS.
I have 2 spare mags for that, one of which appears to be NIB, but they're both super clean. I'll sell those separately, after the gun sells.

Ruger 50th Anniversary 1022, reads 1964-2014 on receiver. Appears unfired. $365 Shipped CONUS OBO

I'm josywales on Gunbroker with 57 transactions and A+ rating as buyer/seller.

Pricing some of these was a challenge and I won't be offended by offers via PM, especially if we can find an objective source for value. I want to sell them, not keep them.

All prices are SHIPPED to FFL within the CONUS, directly from me. Make sure your dealer will accept it.
Payment is check or Money Order, with a reasonable time to clear before shipping.

I'll attached some not great, pictures. But can email you any specific picture you want.

- Model 94 pre-64 30-30 Serial 175XXX should date it to 1950s. This has been in my family since the 60s.
It has honest wear, with the forearm chip you can see, as well as some buggered screw heads, from a prior owner. $745 SOLD on another site

- Mossberg Chukstar 640 bolt rifle 22 magnum. Couple handling marks, but you have to look for them. Just a nice, clean gun. $445

- FIE-CBC 722 22lr silhouette pistol (FIE copy of the Anschutz Exemplar). Excellent shape, but is missing the rear sight. It comes with one mag and scope mounts. Has forearm mount for sling or bipod $345

- Walther HK MP5 SD6 22lr, the original Carl Walther version, in box, still with hang tag. This has the fuller, rounded, "seal" forearm grip. $725.

- High Standard Sport King 22lr 6.75". Excellent, no pitting, etc. Slight wear around the edge of the muzzle is all I see. Terrible pictures. The gun is clean. $435, $420

- S&W Shield 9mm with box. A box of rounds through it. As new with box. It was a second gun, but I don't need it. $335

- Sig 938 9mm with box. I bought this used, but it's excellent. Box and(1) magazine. $495

Thanks for looking
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