Kevin made me post... moose again.. (pics)

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Mar 5, 2006
Kevin suggested that I post something.. I don't have much time, as stealing wifi when I go to town is how I get to do this...
I refused to post, but he bribed me with a 20 dollar bill...... So there... I can be bought.......

I'm not sure if much has been going on of interest.. This winter started out colder than normal.. by a bunch... I went through fire wood pretty fast and got little sleep as I needed to keep the fire tended...
Recently it warmed up above normal and we got 10 days of non stop snow.... I quit measuring after four days.. I just just so sick of it.. It snowed anywhere from 8 inches to 18 inches a day...
My normal trail is unusable as the small trees are all bent over and the tops are touching the ground on the other side of the trail.. and completely snowed under. So I spent four days snowshoeing an alternate trail. It took 4 hours to shoe to my first big swamp... a distance of a mile.. I had to do that twice to make it wide enough for my little yamaha bravo to pass... I then had to run it with the sled and brush a bit with the saw... All for a trail I will use, maybe two more times....
Ya gotta love winter I guess...
I did have another interesting moose experience.... It seems the moose and porcupines are playing volley ball.... and I'm the ball.... :shock:

One of my resident moose (Chelsea), decided to drop down into the hole in the creek where I get my water. Seems she went from open hole to open hole, much like an otter... but when she got to my water hole, she couldn't get out...
I didn't realize this at first. The next day when I went to check she was still there, and thats when I noticed she had no way out... So I got my shovel and cut away over 5 feet of snow to make a ramp for her...

Pic one is when I noticed her....


Pic 2 is of the ramp.... She did use it later that night and is now in a grove of birch suckers and alders... Food close by and hopefully she won't have to try and travel much.


The moose are leaving a trench about 18" deep through the snow. I doubt their feet are reaching the ground at all... I did shoot video and if any of it is usable I will post it this summer... Be aware there is going to a lot of colorful language..

So you see... same old..... I even had an owl share my outhouse the other morning, during heavy snowfall..... I would have taken a picture but... I was on a mission...
I'll post another thread as this is getting long....

Ciao y'all..


Dec 7, 2008
Wesley Chapel, Florida
Thanks Rueben;
It's good to hear from you and know that you are still alive. May the good LORD smile upon you and keep you healthy. I'm sure the moose appreciated you greatly !

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