KARMA: Winners: J.Solo and Wildwilly of Custom Grip Panels!

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Oct 11, 2005
West Allis, WI, USA
By random number generation, the winners of this year's Christmas KARMA drawing for a pair of custom grips are J.Solo and Wildwilly. I've sent you both PMs. Thank you all for participating!

It's Christmas time and once again I'd like to give away a set of grips, or two. This time around, the winner gets his choice of a set of grips for either the XR3, XR3-RED, Super Blackhawk dragoon, or New Vaquero XR3 grip frame in any material that I offer, with Ruger medallians installed. This should allow almost all members of this forum to participate in the offer. And, if there are over 100 entrants, I will offer a second set of grips the same as the first. If there are over 200 entrants, I'll offer three sets of grips and so on.

There is one condition though. You'll need to answer a few "marketing" questions from me once you get your set of grips. Pretty simple.

So, if you'd like to be entered, just post a "Put my name in". I will draw the name(s) the night of 12/13.

Update: There are over 100 entrants now so two pairs of grips will be given away. If we hit 200, I'll throw in a third; and if we somehow hit 300, I'll throw in a fourth!

Update #2: We're almost to 200; only 22 more entrants and I'll make a third pair!

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