Just traded for a 270 Ruger #1

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loaded round

Aug 3, 2003
Valley Forge, Pa
Need some advice from some of you #1 collectors. I just traded for a #1 rifle and find it rather unusal compared to my other #1's. The s/n is132-494xx and that indicates being made in 1983. It has the 1Bstyle stock and a red pad. What is strange is that it only has a factory 22 inch barrel. Just what model do I have and is it considered more collectable(read value) than any other #1 from that era. It is 95+% for both wood and metal. I traded a used Glock 21 even up for the rifle with rings and a 3X9 Simmons scope. :)
Correction: Barrel is 201/2" to front of rhe breech.

El Numero Uno

Feb 21, 2006
Pidcoke, Texas, USA
This rifle was cataloged as the AB and made only from about 1982-'84. In that scheme, they would certainly be considered not common. There seems to have been enough made to generally satisfy the collector interest, so they do not bring a huge premium over a 1B in .270. However, these are super nice rifles to have and fun to hunt with, especially if you are in a blind, tree stand or close quarters. This rifle is 38" in length, so quite handy.
Congratulations on a great find!