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Dec 25, 2007
It's easier than trying to figure some things out.
Due to some work related issues, I was stuck close to the house most of today. With time to waste, I did a little test firing and gun stuff. By mid-afternoon, I was so bored I had to find something else and remembered it had been a while since I'd shot the 5.45x39 AR that lives behind the seat of the farm pickup. Earlier, I'd put a fresh coat of paint on the 300 meter plates so what the heck, I'd see how badly I missed those. Yeah, well they need more paint now. A tribute to Hornady steel case 60 grain V-Max ammo.
I held at the top of the 12" square plate and the first shot went low which I saw through the scope. Increased elevation by the height of the plate and the next 3 were hits. Shifted to the 8" round and got 3 hits out of 5 with the misses going just under. Mag was empty and I figured that was enough anyway.
I'd shot this rifle/ammo at long(ish) ranges before and it was comparable with a pretty good .223 AR but performance was limited by the optic. Last spring I'd upgraded to a 3-9x and this obviously improved hit probability. How/why would this level of accuracy come from such an 'iffy' set-up? Sometimes it's just better to move along and not question such things.


Mar 2, 2022
Hmmm? Watch out 2 Late 45. Peeps might start thinkin' you are an intellectual! ;)