Just got back from the range

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Apr 27, 2022
Southwest Ohio
The last time I went to the range I spent the time bench zeroing the Venom Vortex on my Mk IV 22/45 and was content when I got it down to consistent 1" circle at 10-12 yds. So today imagine how oncerned I was when the first rounds I fired were hitting mostly low and left by 2-3 inches, and inconsistent even then. I decided to remove the Vortex and just shoot irons for a while when I noticed an unexpected wiggle in the sight. My first thought was that the picatinny mount had come loose and was not fully seated or not gripping the rail tight enough. It took me a while to realize it was not the mount that was loose but rather it was the rail itself had come loose on the pistol. Apparently, Ruger does not apply Loctite to the rail mounting screws and they can (WILL) work themselves loose after very few rounds. In any event, I was able to tighten down the rail, redo the zeroing, and ended up with an even tighter group than before. A repeat of the lesson I learned long ago but have ignored repeatedly - "always preflight your weapons before every outing".

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