John Correia: Don’t knock the phone out of an old man’s hands 😲

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Aug 2, 2005
Maryland, USA
A very effective right hook! Lucky? Or experienced fighter? Doesn’t matter at this point. Good empty hand techniques get you into less legal problems than if he had shot the fellow. The older man used approximately the same level of force, without escalation. I was impressed with how quickly first responders were on scene
I'm surprised that Correia didn't notice (or mention it), and no one here seems to have caught it. This incident appears to have happened right next to an "Urgent Care" facility. Actually, from the news article Correia linked, it appears to be the "Washington Regional Urgent Care - Harrison" just off Highway 412. Incident location, from google maps.

So, it couldn't have happened at a much better place for brownshoe, unless it was literally in the parking lot of a trauma center.

All that being said, he's going to feel that for a long time, if not forever. Definitely a pretty severe TBI there. My teenage daughter had a similar fall from a small pony, on SAND, and dealt with a concussion for the next 3 months. And she was wearing a helmet. But she landed on her rear and fell backward, rotational impact of her head hitting the sand is what did it. But this guy pushed for it... so he got what he got. Can't really say I feel bad for him.

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