Jack Huntington stainless 5 shot dual cylinder 45 Bisley

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Sep 27, 2009
Northern CA
I posted these pics on singleactions a couple days ago, I figured some of you guys would dig them too. The gun was dropped off last March/April and I picked it up a couple days ago. The fluted cylinder is in 45 ACP and the unfluted cylinder is 454 Casull but will mostly see 45 colt. The grips are English walnut from blanks I provided. My favorite part though, is the front sight base. I told Jack I wanted one that uses Freedom Arms blades and looked similar to a Ruger No.1 rifle front sight only scaled down a bit. He made it from scratch and I think it turned out great! The pics don't do the gun justice

So far I've only had a chance to put a few rounds through it. Nothing formal yet, just busting rocks and a few soda can but is shoots as good as it looks!